Ritningslös verksamhet – vägen dit!

Få mer information om det snabbt växande området Model Based Enterprise.

Del 3: Webinaret hålls på engelska.

Get the insights on the rapidly growing Model Based Enterprise movement, and what it takes to deploy a fully integrated and collaborative Model Based environment across the product development lifecycle and the extended supply chain.

Johan Rosenqvist, PLM Group, will share his insights on an effective roadmap, with incremental steps to move towards a fully collaborative Model-based Enterprise.

We will demonstrate how leading companies have implemented tools for delivering an Enterprise wide cost-effective 3D MBE solution through free to view and free to deploy 3D PDF & 3D HTML documents from Anark Corporation.

Industry trends indicate that 3D MBE documents are becoming a preferred form of communicating engineering and manufacturing information with downstream departments, thereby, replacing traditional 2D drawing based documents and eliminating the overheads associated with its creation and maintenance.

Key topics covered:
• Effective Roadmap, based on incremental steps to adopt a Model-Based Enterprise
• Anark Workbench – Key enabler for delivering fit-for-purpose, intelligent 3D MBE engineering and manufacturing documents

Tune in to discover the roadmap and live example of a technical implementation that you can adopt in your organization! A low cost, low risk, low disruption way to get started in the 3D MBE Paradigm shift.